1970 Fashion – Everything You Need To Know


The 1970 fashion era is considered as the most radical period in the world of fashion.

The current fashion trends are largely inspired by the trends that existed during that era. In fact, if you died in the 1970′s and came back to life again today, you wouldn’t feel too out of place in your old wardrobe.

There are several fashion trends that existed back then and below are some of the most common trends back then in the 1970′s.


Common 1970 Fashion trends

Bell Bottom Pants

Bell Bottom PantsThis refers to pants that had a wider downward and this fashion trend was considered as an invention that was the most revolutionary in the world of styled clothes. It originated from US Navy members
back in the 19th Century before becoming a huge addiction to all sexes in the 1970s. These trousers were the most picked for disco parties that had retro themes. The most popular fabrics then were
wool jersey knits, heavy crepes, wove polyester and Courtelle jersey.

Platform Soled Shoes

Platform Soled ShoesThese were the in-thing in the early 1970s in as far as shoes were concerned, they started with a sole measuring a quarter inch and rose steadily up to 4 inches long when this fashion craze was at its
popularity peak. By the mid seventies people wore platforms with soles measuring about two inches and the shoes were responsible for a number of accidents as people twisted their legs in these
shoes severally.

Kaftan or Caftan

KaftanKaftans, Muumuus, kimonos, djellaba or jalabiya (refers to an eastern robe that is loose) were another fashion craze in the seventies. This was a style from Africa and the Indian sub continent which
mostr people converted into at home comfort wear and style robes. They were made from any fabric that was imaginable and were considered as glamorous if exotic fabrics were used to sew them.

Leisure Suit

Leisure SuitThis included combining a matching pair of trousers with a shirt like jacket and this fashion trend was related to the disco culture epoch. It is one of the unforgettable fashion trend of the seventies as
people used the suit to go to work, date, play golf or go shopping in it. It was elevated to popularity when John Travolta wore it in a blockbuster film titled “Saturday Night Fever”.


Disco Costumes

Disco CostumesThese costumes were made from stretchy and synthetic fabrics. This clothing style was bound to attract the disco lighting’s attention on the dance floor. Women wore free flowing skirts that were
restrictive with some hot pants (another great fashion trend of the seventies) to emphasize their bodies. Men on the other hand wore tight fitting shirts that were unbuttoned together with some tight
trousers that were outfitted.

Tie and Dye T-shirts

Tie and Dye T-shirtsEven though the T-shirts said it raunchy or funky, the tie and dye t-shirts were considered to be one of the wonderful “hippies” era fashion achievement.

Their flower patterns that were flowing formed the greatest youth’s style factor in the seventies. These t-shirts heightened the cool look called Bohemian.


Denim Jeans

Denim jeans had been invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis sometimes in 1873. The landmark fashion however, became popular with both sexes in the seventies becoming a staple for all
wardrobes. Film actors and actresses alike were responsible for making the denim so popular that it became like the uniform to wear.

Tank Tops

Tank TopsIn the 1970s tank tops were used by women as the killer outfits when attending road trips, house parties, swinging during Rock concerts and poker tournaments. They are still common even up to date
as they are able to spice up the way somebody looks. The Tank tops evolved in the eighties to camisole tops that were scoop necked, the shell in the nineties and to the vest in the new millennium.

Midi Skirts

Midi SkirtsThe seventies fashion era was considered as the midi skirts supercharge era. These skirts were made from non stretch denim or cotton fabric. It was then bleached with a sporty cum rebellious look
that made all fashion savvy 1970s woman to have it in their wardrobes. Faye Dunaway wore it in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde” giving the Midi skirt tremendous attention.
Other notable 1970 fashion clothes include the Jersey wrap dress designed in 1972 by Diane von Furstenberg which became very popular due to its ability to flatter different body sizes and types. It
was also versatile as it was possible to wear it to the office during the day and to the discos when night fell. It involved a one piece, knee high height and front wrapped with string ties made of the
same material and tied on the waist area.

All the above fashion trends were very popular during the seventies worldwide.